Who we are

The Marigold team is ready to help you with your Life Science business.

Between us and our partners we hold a wide range of skills and expertise which we apply to help navigating the world between science and business.  

Peter Horn Møller
Founder & CEO
Email: phm@marigold-innovation.com
Phone: +45 2066 0110
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Expertise: IP strategy, licensing, strategic business development and partnerships

Jakob H. Rasmussen
Senior Advisor
Email: jhr@marigold-innovation.com
Phone: +45 2560 1002
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Expertise: R&D strategy and management, scientific evaluation, product development and CMC

Ulla Hald Buhl
Senior Advisor
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Expertise: Drug development, Regulatory strategy, Investor relations, Corporate development

Niels Skjærbæk
E-mail: ns@marigold-innovation.com
Phone: +45 2460 1215
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Expertise: Business Development, drug development, and commercialization 

Poula Maltha Sørensen
E-mail: pmk@marigold-innovation.com
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Expertise: Marketing, commercial, strategy, communication and business plans

Peter Buhl Jensen
Senior Advisor
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Expertise: Executive management, Drug development, Clinical study design, Funding

Board of Directors

Benny Andersen
Co-founder & Board member
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Expertise: Financial models and investors, strategy execution

Jacob Ørndrup
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board
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Expertise: Legal and contractual aspects; contract and corporate structure

Jesper Troels Jensen
Board member
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Expertise: Storytelling, rhetorics, communication, presentations and executive mangement

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