The Marigold Way

Our purpose is to engage with scientific inventors and provide business and operational execution power, in order to increase the chance of personal and commercial viability. 

We wish to ensure that the skilled scientists focus on what they excel in – doing science.

At Marigold Innovation we want to build bridges between research and business, science and product, researchers and investors.

We offer a holistic approach where you, with Marigold as your partner, get support for your Science, People, Story, Plan and Financing. 

All elements gained through one partner, as early as possible.  

The Science

Marigold Innovation understands the research results and will work with the researchers to explore the technology and the new products to be made. Importantly, we ensure commercial focus on the potential products through the development process.

The People

Marigold Innovation understands the scientists’ personal motivation – what they love to do, their ambition and the culture needed for the team to perform optimally.

The Story

When we know the potential of the technology and the personal motivation of the researchers, we can establish the core story of the company. Based on this, we develop the backbone of the new company, and can make stunning presentations to collaboration partners.

The Plan

We help create a plan where both the commercial and scientific road maps are coordinated; and most important of all - That these plans are executed in a timely and efficient manner with the flexibility a life-science start-up needs. 

The Financing

We ensure the optimal financing strategy, understand the need for money, master the types and timing of financing in the process, and make a plan for the kind of funding which is needed when.

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