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Untapped potential

Untapped Potential 

As with icebergs, most of the potential of the Danish life science scene is below the surface and thus invisible to the naked eye. It is this potential that Marigold Innovation releases!


Great scientists foster great ideas

Scandinavia is known globally for its world-class research and successful international industries within pharma and biotech. The Scandinavian countries are know to have the highest level of investment in the public research and development sector, measured as percentage of GDP.

However, the Scandinavian ecosystems are currently not creating nearly as many biotech start-ups and spinouts from academia and established life-science companies as other comparable regions.


At Marigold Innovation we build bridges between research and business, science and product, researchers and investors.

The Missing Link

The missing link

Great ideas originate from great scientists 

An academic scientific career relies on the ability to focus strongly on a narrow scientific field. This is the nature of being a world-class scientist. The strong scientific focus of a passionate scientist leaves little time and capacity to excel in the other areas that are also critical for successful company creation, such as being

  • an experienced late-stage developer

  • an efficient operational planner

  • a visionary business developer

  • a powerful marketing and sales person

  • an insightful IP strategist

  • an unstoppable fundraiser etc. 

In summary, a large number of stellar scientific ideas shrivel early, not because the idea lacks brilliance, scientific momentum, or commercial potential, but simply because very few scientists can singlehandedly lift the early translation towards a commercial concept without steady funding and without competent and responsible guidance, whilst at the same time driving the continuing scientific development of the idea.

The Solution

The solution

Professional and complementary support

Scientists and investors are rooted in two different worlds. In order for science to be translated into business, these two different worlds must meet.

Furthermore, most scientists prefer to stay where they add the most value, namely as highly skilled scientists and inventors who understand the translational process at an intellectual level, without the deep insight and experience in how to execute accordingly. ​We want to ensure that the skilled scientists focus on what they excel in – doing science.

Marigold Innovation closes the gap by bringing the competences required to complement the scientific team. In this way we ensure that all necessary skills are in place at the needed timepoint and at the right level to secure the optimal development path from academia to a commercially viable company.

By merging the senior biotech executive team from Marigold Innovation with the scientific group, we establish a dynamic group with complementary competences and strong execution power. A strong team that can safeguard the project together and make it shine. Through this, we obtain a synergistic effect that creates a solid foundation for a new development highway that ultimately will lead to more life-changing solutions reaching the patients.​ 

This is how Marigold Innovation releases the potential!


© Marigold Innovation ApS 2020

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