Corporate Advice

The challenges that Life Science companies are met with are vast and varied and are being handled whilst navigating data development, business strategy, funding and general administrative tasks among other things.


In Marigold Innovation we believe innovators of Life Science companies should be allowed to focus on what they enjoy the most and excel in - Doing science.  

We offer a range of services that cover all aspects of creating a sustainable Life Science Business.

With a team of people individually experts in their field, combined with a strong network of partners, we provide a full toolbox of skill sets that can help alleviate you whilst ensuring tasks are being carried out by experts. 


  We work with customers on defined projects where either one or multiple services are combined to deliver optimal result.   

Are you a Life Science company and need help with a specific project or task? 


Then explore our different services or join us for a meeting to explore a future collaboration.   

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