Helping early-stage life-science companies succeed
Building bridges between research & business

The Marigold way

Our purpose is to engage with scientific inventors and provide business and operational execution power, at the early establishment phase, in order to increase the chance of personal and commercial viability.

We wish to ensure that the skilled scientists focus on what they excel in – doing science.

At Marigold Innovation we want to build bridges between research and business, science and product, researchers and investors.

What we do

The Science

Marigold Innovation understands the research results and will work with the researchers to explore the technology and which products can be made. Importantly, we ensure commercial focus on the potential products through the development process.
The People

Marigold Innovation understands the scientists’ personal motivation – What they love to do, what is their ambition and the culture needed for the team to perform optimally.
The Story

When we know the potential of the technology and the personal motivation of the researchers, we can establish the core story of the company. Based on this, we develop the backbone of the new company, and can make stunning presentations to collaboration partners.
The Money

We ensure the optimal financing strategy, understand the need for money, when it is needed in the process, and make a plan for the kind of funding which is needed when.

How we do it

Applied research

  • IP and Licensing
  • Legal
  • Market strategy & Business plan
Proof of Concept

  • Funding strategy
  • Leadership and performance drivers
  • Company story
Prototyping, testing, documentation, upscaling
  • Business development
  • Partnerships
  • Project management and execution
We will work on either a fee-for-service basis or take a stake in your business in lieu of fees.
We are also happy to agree with you a hybrid of these two approaches.

Who we are

Peter Horn Møller
Founder & CEO

Expertise: IP, licensing, strategic business development and partnerships
Camilla de Thiersant
Co-founder & partner

Expertise: Commercial, strategy, business plans and execution
Poula Maltha Sørensen
Assisting consultant

Expertise: Marketing, commercial, strategy, communication, business plans
Søren Lassen
Co-founder & partner

Expertise: People motivation/energy, leadership and operations
Benny Buchardt Andersen
Co-founder & board member

Expertise: Financial models and investors, strategy execution
Jacob Ørndrup
Co-founder & Chairman of the board

Expertise: Legal and contractual aspects; contract and corporate structure

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