Helping life-science companies succeed

Building bridges between research & business

Our purpose is to engage with scientific inventors and provide business and operational execution power, in order to increase the chance of personal and commercial viability. 

We wish to ensure that the skilled scientists focus on what they excel in – doing science.

At Marigold Innovation we build bridges between research and business, science and product, researchers and investors.

And we do this The Marigold Way

Early Start-Up Support


We assist early stage scientific start-ups to understand and secure some of the most crucial building blocks of their inventions and business.


By doing this as early as possible we ensure as solid a foundation as possible from the get-go.


Our approach is The Marigold Way and is unique to how support of early stage life-science start-up's are given.

We build bridge between science and business



Running a Life Science business presents a range of challenges and you cannot be a specialist on all aspects or even just have the time. 


This is where Marigold Innovation enter; we and our partners together hold skills ranging all parts of driving a Life Science Business forward - and we want to help you.

We provide a range of services which can be tailor made to your business and current challenges.


A fundamental aspect of moving a life science business ahead is ensuring capital for development.

The choices, timings and commitments involved are many and can be detrimental to your business if not strategically executed.   

Together with partners, we look to protect inventors by pushing ahead the need for diluting capital and ensuring the business is ready for when that becomes inevitable. 


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